Interactive Book App for iPad


Vendor: Epiphany Schwarz LLC

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The Book App for iPad: Bubble Tubbie

The Book App version of Bubble Tubbie takes the fun to a new level, by integrating movement, narration and sound effects. Listen to the author’s two young daughters read the book to you, or read it “All By Myself”. Touch the shimmering bubbles and see animation and hear animals, children and nature effects. One of the funniest features is a bubble navigation bar at the top of each page with the silly sounds; “Bloop, Giggle, Bubble, Splash and Pop!”

A wonderful app for keeping the little ones entertained, laughing and learning as well! This version is also great for preschool and kindergarten class settings, and is available for educators at a quantity discount. (Visit the App Store for details about quantity discounts.) 

Bubble Tubbie; the interactive, Book App version.