Everything about Bubble Tubbie is perfect. Every time my friends bring their kids over they love it. I love it because it makes me feel good to look at such colorful and uplifting pages which are beautifully illustrated. There is such a fun and positive energy about Bubble Tubbie which is clearly a reflection of the soul of the author. —T.A.

Bubble Tubbie has my kids giddy for more bubbles! I am a mother of 5 children all who beg for Bubble Tubbie over and over again. Circles of bliss, colors array, rhymes & chimes are all addictive loves to my children's eyes & ears. This beautiful book was gifted to me and wow, how do I ever say Thank You? Thank You! It's a keepsake, that's for sure! Love you Christine, your magic is working! —M.S.

I am a piano teacher and have a Bubble Tubbie out for my students and their siblings to enjoy while waiting their turn at the piano. They love it so much. I also bought a copy and all the accessories for my four year old grandsons and they are thrilled with the glow balls and stickers in the bathtub. Thank you for this beautiful book.  —T.M.

When I first opened this book, my first thoughts & words were "Wow!" The colors, artwork, words, and every detail of the book is fun, creative, and imaginative! My kids just loved it! My daughter did not put it down until she was finished looking at every page and reading every word. I could see her mind working and her wheels turning while she looked at the pages. I love that there are definitions of certain words on the sides of the pages. My kids also loved the stickers that were provided at the end of the book and decorated their bathroom with them. Now their time in the bath or shower is better & brighter because of them. This book is definitely a must see & read for children. No detail was spared while creating this book. I am recommending it to all of my friends! —C.S.S.

This is one of the best children's books I've seen in a long time. The pictures are so beautiful and each page has so much to look at. My kids span the ages of 2 to 8 and it's the first book we've had that engages each of them. My 8 year old loves the descriptions and rich text, and my 2 year old loves looking at the many beautiful pictures. We spend a lot of time on each page identifying everything. Also, I love that the pages are thick and wonderful to touch - and do not tear when the kids get in there! It makes a great birthday present for girls, boys, and many ages so I bought several of them to share. —T.W.

I got this book for my five year old daughter, who loves bubbles. Both of us were so enthralled with the depth of this magnificent book. The different textures, pictures and worlds that envelope each page fulfill your mind and imagination with endless possibilities. The author, who is also an artist and poet, has melded these mediums together in a beautifully made book that seems multi-dimensional. My daughter has spent countless time stimulated and educated with each page and theme. I highly recommend this book. —R.R.

We bought the book for our twins Sofie and Patrick - and they love it. But the funny part of it is that actually we as the parents love the universe that the book offers - you should try it (at least try the incredible App on Apple App Store). We are told that some other cool stuff is coming to this expanding universe and we can't wait! —P.M.

This book is fantastic. I am in love with the vibrancy of the images, the lovely little stories it tells and it's educational aspect (love the little snippets of info everywhere). It is very visually interesting and stimulating which I enjoy, and I believe little ones will keep entertained by it for many reads as there is so much to see! It’s a great book made by a great artist. Highly recommend it, not to mention the water resistant pages for easy reading at bath time, those are great! —J.G.

Bubble Tubbie is such a beautiful book for children and adults too. The beautiful photography and bright colors really draw you in to the pages. A lot of detail in every page! My friend bought 2 copies of the book…one for her daughter, who is a speech pathologist to use as a learning tool in her classroom. The other copy she bought for a friend's unborn baby. It's her go-to gift for baby showers now. This is a great gift that will be treasured for a long time. —I.R.