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Bubble Tubbie the Book

Hardcover Book: Bubble Tubbie

The Hardcover version of Bubble Tubbie has been designed to ignite the senses. The shiny white, padded cover is substantial, and includes a peek of the images that you will find inside. Each brightly colored page is loaded with original art and photographic images. The Author’s poetry is magically light hearted and fun. She includes many sensory cue words, as well as vocabulary words and definitions. 

Every page has been double laminated, giving a fantastic, smooth feel. Special care was taken in the printing process to create something of great quality. This also makes the book stand up well to little hands. Also included are two full pages of vinyl stickers that can be stuck and re-stuck on the pages, the cover, and especially the bathtub.

Bubble Tubbie is a book that children and adults will enjoy equally, reading together, time and again.  

Bubble Tubbie the App

The Book App for iPad: Bubble Tubbie

The Book App version of Bubble Tubbie takes the fun to a new level, by integrating movement, narration and sound effects. Listen to the author’s two young daughters read the book to you, or read it “All By Myself”. Touch the shimmering bubbles and see animation and hear animals, children and nature effects. One of the funniest features is a bubble navigation bar at the top of each page with the silly sounds; “Bloop, Giggle, Bubble, Splash and Pop!”

A wonderful app for keeping the little ones entertained, laughing and learning as well! This version is also great for preschool and kindergarten class settings, and is available for educators at a quantity discount. (Visit the App Store for details about quantity discounts.) 

Bubble Tubbie; the interactive, Book App version.

Bubble Tubbie Plastic Book

The Plastic Bath Tub Book: Bubble Tubbie

The Waterproof Bathtub version of Bubble Tubbie is printed on translucent plastic and has been reformatted to a smaller size, fitting each page spread on one 8”x 10” sheet. It is loose bound with three plastic rings and hangs on the bathtub wall with suction cups to dry until the next bath time adventure. There is also an LED light ball that floats and softly glows when it comes into contact with the water. This provides an additional element of fun as the light shines through the book.

An entirely new concept, and not just for the bathtub, it also captures the same magic and fun of the original hardcover book.

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